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Property Networking Events


Simon Zutshi's pin academy

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"Bringing together the best in on-line and off-line property networking and education in the UK"


There are many benefits to attending a Networking Event and seeing as there are so many being organised, there will be one near you.

1. Meeting like-minded people who understand what you are doing and provide a supportive environment for you to learn more. This is particularly important if your family and friends just don’t get it. Investing in property can be a very lonely activity.

2. The ability to find contacts and service providers from word of mouth recommendation, to minimise the element of trial and error that most investors experience.

3. The opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in the property market and new strategies. This is particularly important now when the market has changed so much over the last 18 months. The strategies which worked two years ago are probably not the best strategies to use right now.

4. To find other investors who can look after your property for you and even source good investment opportunities. This is particularly useful if you want to invest in an area a fair distance from where you live. Simply attend a few networking events close to your desired investment area and you will probably find full time investors who can help look after and grow your portfolio.

So as you can see there are lots of great reasons to attend these events, so get along to at least one of the meetings listed above!

The way of the world is meeting people through other people. - Robert Kerrigan


Here are 3 steps to maximise your networking experience:

1. Before you go to the event:

Work out what you want to achieve by attending. Maybe you want to find someone who can recommend a good handyman or letting agent in your area, or you want an investor to put some money into a joint venture. Whatever it is, write down a clear intention so that when you meet people at the event you can clearly explain what you are looking for. Also think about any other investors who you know who might be interested in attending such an event and invite them to come along with you. Finally make sure you have some business cards to take with you for when people want your contact details. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive cards just something with all your details on. You can get some free business cards from people like

At the event:

Plan to arrive early and leave late. Speak to as many people as you can. Of course you should say hello to the people you already know but make sure you also speak to people who you don’t know. When you meet someone ask them what their name is, where they are from, what they want to get out of the meeting and how you can help them. Be interested in them first rather than telling all about you. Look for how you can help the people you meet. Also think about people you already know who may like to meet them. Make sure you also collect cards from all the people you meet. You may also like to write a little note on the card to remind you what they were interested in and how you might be able to help.

3. After the event:

When you get home go through all of the business cards you have collected. Send a follow up email or text to everyone you met. Reconnect with them and send them any information and contact details you promised to give them. It is best to do this follow up the day after the event so that people remember you and the conversation. Keep in touch with them and build your personal contact list. There is no doubt the more people you know the more successful you will be because you will have a number of people you can call or email for advice and help.

There is of course another point to consider about networking. I think many investors don’t attend networking meetings because they really don’t like the idea of going into a room full of strangers and having to make small talk! The thing to remember is that the vast majority of people at these events are very friendly, approachable and happy to talk with you about property. You already have a common interest with everyone who is going to be there. I understand that some people may be nervous but it is good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone occasionally. I like to think that at the pin meetings we aim to make everyone as welcome as possible. We have a formal networking part of the evening which makes it easier to connect with other investors and make some new friends.

I have also met some experienced investors who don’t believe they could gain anything by attending a networking event because they are already very successful and think they know it all. Well the fact is you can never know everything. You can also build on your knowledge if you are open to it.



Simon Zutshi's pin academy

Get access to All of the pin meetings AND join a great community who will help and inspire all for one low monthly price JOIN THE pin ACADEMY NOW!

"Bringing together the best in on-line and off-line property networking and education in the UK"



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Article written by Simon Zutshi

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