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Get Them Out!

Eviction v: - Eject somebody from property
Most Tenants are decent, honest and trustworthy people just getting on with their lives. Unfortunately though some people are not. To keep your property as a viable investment, you need to have money coming in to cover any mortgage payments. If Tenants do not pay the rent you need an EVICTION SERVICE to get them out or you risk your investment and your sanity.

There are some people who are serial bad Tenants and will happily lie and provide fraudulent references with the sole intention of living in your property scott free. It is very annoying that these people get away with it. Even the Citizens Advice Bureau tell people who have been served the first eviction notice (S8 and/or S21) that they should stay put, not pay, wait to be evicted then the Council will have to house them. Before this trails off into a rant from someone who knows all about this subject, it is probably just best to say that here are a few tips from the GURUS, MENTORS and experts on this subject.
  • Many Landlords serve a S21 soon after the tenancy starts just in case the property is required after the AST expires.
  • If a tenant is even just 2 days late with the rent, serve a S8 as it might just show that the Landlord will not be messed around and the rent must be paid on time.
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent then comes up with some sob story such as my brothers leg fell off, they are most likely lying and trying to fob you off, they have no intention of paying the rent so get them out asap.
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent then does not answer your phone calls, knocks on door etc, they have no intention of paying the rent so get them out asap.
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent then contacts you saying they have lost their job etc and need some time to sort things out/get back on their feet etc., ask the question how come they can afford the cigarette they are smoking, booze they are drinking or new clothes they are wearing but claim they cant pay the rent? Start proceedings to get them out and it may change their way of thinking about whether a fag is more important than the rent. If it is and they still don’t pay, get them out asap.

Some say it is quite easy to complete the S8 and S21 forms and there are plenty out there on the internet that can be downloaded for free from LANDLORD ADVICE sites, GURUS and MENTORS and LANDLORD ASSOCIATIONS. There are also several SOFTWARE packages that will produce them.

BEWARE! This issue is a LEGAL MINEFIELD. Even Estate Agents and Letting Agents do not necessarily know how to complete the paperwork properly. Also, some Landlords just don’t like dirtying their hands with such paperwork.

If you want to be sure of EVICTION success, use an EVICTION SERVICE.

WARNING – if a single i is not dotted or a single t is not crossed, the paperwork is NOT VALID and will be thrown out. Although you could complete and serve the papers again, it will waste valuable time that will cost more and more money as the tenant happily lives rent free laughing at the stupidity of the Landlord.


Contact an EVICTION SERVICE and get your property back.



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