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Mentor: n. A wise and trusted guide, advisor, teacher or councilor. Recognised leader. Expert. [syn: wise man]
Mentorship: An educational development relationship between an expert in their field and a willing student

Featured Mentor
Get your property investing off to a Quick Start!

Simon Zutshi is holding one his industry aclaimed seminars - Property Investing Quick Start seminar (PIQS).

A one day event designed to give you tools, knowledge and contracts to start finding your investment deals asap!


So Why Do You Need Mentors & Gurus?

In property, as in everything else, a MENTOR is a leader, who has knowledge, skills, experience and trusted words of help. They have already done what you are trying to achieve, faced the perils and pitfalls along the way, found a positive way forward and succeeded.

What’s more, THEY are more than happy to share with YOU exactly HOW they did it.

A MENTOR is a M.I.N.E. of information, by following a MENTOR’s proven methods and procedures You can emulate their amazing success with just a little dedication and enthusiasm. It’s all about educating yourself and becoming familiar with how particular concepts work, not rocket science, but if you don’t know what you‘re doing it may as well be!

A MENTOR should provide;

M OTIVATION - Making you want to achieve success
I NSPIRATION - To trigger that spark within and start you off
N AVIGATION - Guidance through the process including the pitfalls
E DUCATION - The How I did it and YOUR “How to..” guide


  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel
  • You won't spend time, effort and money making mistakes on untested and unproven ideas and methods
  • Full training on all procedures and processes needed
  • You will produce results that lead to your ultimate goal
  • You will have guidance every step of the way
  • You will SUCCEED

MENTORS don’t just share their knowledge through forums and blogs etc. They go a step further and with MENTORSHIP PROGRAMMES they are able to figuratively HOLD YOUR HAND whilst walking you through the complete property process from selection to management.

Mentorship programs are run for small number groups of property entrepreneurs who wish to learn by working with other smart, like-minded people.

Members of these programs have exclusive access to all the MENTORS systems, strategies, tools & contacts which they have personally used to profit from investing. Most also give you templates of all the paperwork you could need so you never even need to draft a letter or advert yourself. Obviously these schemes cost money, however....

the information, knowledge and strategies that you WILL gain are PRICELESS !!

What you actually get for your money will vary depending on the actual MENTOR, however, most offer at least some, if not all of the following;

  • Proven Systems & Procedures to help you source your own Below Market Value Properties
  • Step-by-step mentoring over 3-36 months (depending on who you choose) to keep you focused and on track
  • Regular Property Workshops
  • Personal Consultations via phone, email or face to face (depending on your level of financial involvement)
  • Access to the MENTORS own POWER TEAM of investment experts & specialists to turn your property deals into reality (including mortgage brokers and legal team).
  • Discounts on products and services

Many, if not all, SUCCESSFUL people have had MENTORSHIP of some form, to get them to where they are today.

If YOU want to be SUCCESSFUL in property, find someone you can learn from and you can talk to, someone who will help you to take that first step with confidence.

"A successful Property Investor requires more than just knowledge of property investing. To succeed, you need to be a well rounded individual with the mindset of a successful entrepreneur that’s why it’s so important to learn from other successful people". Javaid Kiyani 2009





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Featured Mentor

Simon Zutshi is holding one his industry aclaimed seminars - Property Investing Quick Start seminar (PIQS).

A one day event designed to give you tools, knowledge and contracts to start finding your investment deals asap!.


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