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Information > Private Sale Sites (FSBO - For Sale by Owner)

Sell or let your house privately
Houseladder Ltd, Unit 108,
61 Victoria Road, Surbiton,
House Web, St Johns Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 OW5
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Where Can You Buy Direct From the Vendor?

Private Sale Website: n.Property for sale by owner, online vendors wanting to sell without Estate Agents

The traditional High Street Estate Agent has taken a fair bit of stick over the years with many vendors feeling that they were paying for practically no service. After all, what exactly did the Agent do to earn their commission ranging anywhere from 0.5% - 3% of the purchase price other than display a picture in their office window and in the local paper?

Many own
ers choose to sell privately without Agents. These homes 'for sale by owner' are sometimes known as FSBOs

The owner knows their home better than anyone and this expertise can contribute to the property being marketed far more effectively. Many prospective purchasers, jaded by the tales of Estate Agents business practices, may prefer to deal with the vendor directly.


You could negotiate a good deal with 'For Sale By Owner' homes.



You may find owners will take the fee saving into account when negotiating the price, in effect sharing the saving with you. As well as internet sites, try local papers for private adverts.

Nowadays it is relatively easy for anyone for set up a web site to advertise their house for sale. The great difficulty is ensuring that any house buyer ever finds the page amongst the millions of property related pages on the internet.

There are now over one hundred private sale web sites that will help you find a house to purchase online but many of them are small and do not attract many sellers to their sites in sufficient numbers. It makes sense for a vendor to use a private property sales web site with an established presence on the web.

There are also sites for specialist property e.g. period property and barns etc. that have built a reputation in their specialist sectors of the market.


All PRIVATE SALE SITES are a usefull tool to use when completing your own DUE DILIGENCE


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