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Where Can You Get the Best Advice?

It doesn’t matter if you own one secondary property or have a portfolio of over a hundred properties, there may be times when problems arise during a tenancy that are not straightforward or easy to deal with and you need PROFESSIONAL ADVICE in order to help proceed legally and correctly.In the current economic climate with rising unemployment and recession there will be a rise in rental and tenancy disputes as many Tenants face the credit crunch with Landlords ending up facing the brunt of the crash.

We recommend joining an ASSOCIATION, whether it be a small local, regional or large national organisation.

There has been a glut of property available in the private rental sector, driving down rental prices and increasing the competition for tenants, even legislation is stacked against the landlord and frustration and cutting corners can lead to costly mistakes being made.

There are a wealth of individuals and companies that exist to help both landlords and tenants in this situation. They offer various solutions from RENTAL GUARANTEE INSURANCE policies, general advice and hints and tips to legal guidance, TENANT REFERENCING, debt recovery & tracing and even eviction services. (See EVICTION SERVICES for specialist companies).

If a landlord draws up their own AST who is to say what are legal clauses and what are not. Whether or not the tenants can keep pets is up to you, but you should set out your conditions in your tenancy agreement so there must be some definition and regulation, Professional advice can help avoid embarrassment and reduce financial implications should it become necessary to enforce a reasonable clause or worse evict a tenant for breach of the tenancy or failure to pay.

A Judge will throw out a case if there are mistakes in the prepared paperwork; this is a costly mistake as revenue is lost and legal costs increase.

Be confident with the Company or individual you choose to deal with. Make sure they have the best interests of you the landlord at heart and will advise on the best ways to exercise your responsibilities.

If you don’t like what you have been advised to do, check out the others to see if their advice differs, if it is the same you may not like it but at least you know the advice is accurate.

LANDLORD ASSOCIATIONS can also help you resolve issues and stay within the law. They aim to improve standard practice and keep members proactively informed on the latest happenings within the property letting industry. They may provide training courses on practical LANDLORD Training, legislation guidance or to promote good practice for Landlords and Letting Agents.

With some LANDLORD ASSOCIATIONS Membership is often required and fees may be payable but many offer some level of free advice or free downloads of vital documents and are invaluable when it comes to getting on with being a landlord.

recommend joining an ASSOCIATION,
be it a small local, regional or large NATIONAL organisation.

The benefits outweigh any cost and most will give you guidance on how to save money whilst becoming a better landlord.



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