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How Do I Find Motivated Sellers Without Looking?

Lead Provider: n. A person or Company that sells sales-leads. Inquiry, referral, or other information, obtained through advertisements or other means, that identifies a potential customer (who in this case is actually the Vendor not you the purchaser).

Traditionally, properties for sale were mainly available through Estate Agents and as the internet became more wide spread, these were joined by national property web sites. Both of these act on behalf of the vendor.

However, the majority of investors do not wish to pay the full asking price and so often fall foul of their local Agent by making very low offers which are rejected because the seller wants as much as they can for it i.e. they are not motivated sellers.

LEAD PROVIDERS or Sourcing Companies are different from Estate Agents in that they act on behalf of the purchaser.

They provide detailed information on motivated sellers who are often willing to accept a below market value offer on their property in order to alleviate their situation and achieve a sale.

How it works

  • Information is submitted to a Sourcing Company by a prospective vendor, detailing name, address, market value, circumstances, timeframe for sale, if they will or will not accept BMV offer, if so how much BMV.
  • Often these prospective motivated sellers are contacted and the information given is verified over the telephone. This then would be a qualified lead and so cost more.
  • If the vendor is visited and agreements are met and signed, these deals will probably end up as packaged READY MADE DEALS i.e. price agreed, solicitors decided, broker advised (see separate page for Companies that specialise in these types of deals)

Many LEAD PROVIDERS will offer leads for sale at a low prices. These are general enquiries from prospective vendors but no further contact has been made. It will be up to you to pick up the telephone to make first contact with the vendor who has probably sent their information to several Companies and may not even be sincere, negotiate the deal, complete the paperwork, put your POWER TEAM in place and self manage the whole process.

Qualified leads
are often more expensive but many consider it is worth paying the extra money for. The vendor’s situation is clear and ballpark figures have been discussed but not agreed, most importantly, it has been ascertained that the vendor wants to sell, do it quickly and will accept less money than the property is worth.



Typical estimated lead Costs;

1. Unqualified (not contacted by the lead provider) - £30-£200
2. Qualified (usually contacted by the lead provider to confirm details) - £100-£300
3. Done Deals/Ready Made Deals (fully negotiated and agreed deals - including finders fees) - £1000+


Before buying any lead, make sure you are happy about the provider’s terms and conditions. Usually a full refund will be provided where unqualified leads cannot be contacted, but always check the terms before buying.

You are often able to register with a LEAD PROVIDER (either free or with a membership fee) and so receive notifications via email or phone of the new leads available. Many Companies will also source to order and will locate properties in your chosen area and give you first choice before the lead goes on general release.

For the Investor, LEAD PROVIDERS sell quality red hot leads from genuinely motivated sellers and are extremely useful in helping to build your portfolio.



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