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Property Management Software - Designed by Landlords for Landlords
Tax Portal Ltd, 28 Knightsbridge Court, Palmyra Square South, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1TA
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Won't a Pen & Paper Do?

Landlord SOFTWARE has many uses. It records essential information, acts as an aide memoir for important dates and legal requirements and can help mitigate tax. It is a professional administrative tool and is designed to help you run your business profitably and effectively.

Landlord SOFTWARE will record information about the actual investment property and also the ongoing tenancy/s including;

  • Details of the actual purchase including price, deposit, equity, mortgage account details, Solicitor and Broker used and remortgage when applicable
  • Monthly/yearly costs including mortgage payments, insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance, safety certificates, administration costs and travel
  • Tenants personal details, references, past addresses, all other occupants
  • Tenant payment history, deposit, arrears or overpayments

Although all of this information could technically be entered into an accounts book or spreadsheet, many Landlords find it easy to keep track with specialist Landlord SOFTWARE.

If you don’t know what to record or where to start, this SOFTWARE will make things easier as all the fields of information required are already set out for you. All you have to do is fill in the boxes. Furthermore, you will be able to create reports on cashflow, profit and loss, tenant payments, mortgage payments, equity amounts etc.

These in turn can make filling in a tax return a much more friendly experience
for you or your Accountant.

In fact, some Landlords say that SOFTWARE can negate the need for an Accountant especially if the portfolio is small.

You can try out several SOFTWARE packages for free so you have nothing to lose and possibly some cash to gain.



Property Portfolio Software 


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