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Article > What to Look for in a Warehousing Provider

Warehousing can be an invaluable too for many business owners. Those searching for industrial units for rent right now have several options available to them. Whether you need a warehousing solution to store your goods, a manufacturing facility to assemble new materials, or a distribution plant to circulate your inventory around the country, though, there are several qualities that any worthwhile supplier should be able to provide.

Perhaps the main criteria on your search will be security. Your inventory is a valuable asset, and you need to make sure it’s in the right hands. The first thing you should look for is some kind of security fencing. Not only will this provide a good form protection, but its meer presence also acts as a major deterrent in and of itself. In the event you aren’t able to prevent a trespasser from entering the premises, though, many industrial units for rent, like those on offer from LCP Management, are now able to offer 24-hour, CCTV surveillance. This is a valuable tool in identifying any of the perpetrators should they manage to steal any of your goods.

Ease of Access
However, an ideal warehousing solution needs to strike the right balance between security and convenience though. After all, you want to be able to move this goods into the hands of your consumers so it’s no good if you can’t easily access them. This is why many large corporations prefer on-site solutions, but this is rarely an option for smaller businesses or those operating in largely urbanised areas where space is at a premium. Look for a provider that doesn’t try and restrict your access to hours that aren’t convenient to you. Similarly, certain suppliers may even look to limit your access on-site entirely, instead looking to act as the middleman themselves.

Finally, you should look for a partner that can remain flexible. For a small startup that doesn’t need to carry a lot of inventory, small industrial units to rent are the best choice. Since some warehousing providers are also able to offer scalable real estate, there’s no longer a reason to be tied down to restrictive, long-term contracts. As your businesses becomes more mature, you can easily adapt your storage requirements to your needs. This kind of flexibility can really safeguard a vulnerable startup, whose growth can be unpredictable during the early years of operation. It’s also useful for seasonal businesses, who may need more real estate during certain months of the year.




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